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1. What is a trial?

If you get a trial membership to our website, you can try the service for 3 whole days. During these 3 days, you can decide if you would like to continue with a membership for the service or not. If so, you don’t have to do anything besides enjoying and we will make sure your membership is upgraded after the end of the 3 days (unless you unsubscribe prior to the end of the trial period).

2. What happens after the 3 day trial period?

If you complete the trial period of 3 days, you will be subscribed to a monthly membership and continue to have unlimited access to the website after the free trial period has ended. If you cancel the trial period before it ends, you will not be subscribed and not be charged for the monhtly membership.

3. How much is the monhtly membership?

The membership to our website costs £49.99 per month (or an equivalent in your local currency which was initially mentioned on the payment page). This is a subsciption based membership which means that you will be charged automatically for every month. This way you will always have access to the content on the website.

4. Can I cancel my membership and delete my account?

Sure! You are always able to cancel your subscription and membership without with no further costs. You can do this under “My Account” section of the website and follow the instructions to the relevant link to Remove Your Account.

You can also always ask us if you need help with the cancelation by submitting a Cancel Subscription form or by contacting our Support with the cancelation request.

5. I haven’t receive a confirmation. How do I know my subscription is cancelled?

We will always send you the confirmation to the email address known to us (the email you signed up with). If you can not find it in your inbox, please make sure you check your junk or spam folder as well.

6. Can I ask for a refund?

In this case, we would like to ask you to contact our Support with your refund request. Then we can investigate the case and issue a refund based on this. During this investigation we will take a couple things into consideration like other complaints we received or other customers comments. In the case of a recurring billing, we can only issue a refund of the most recent payment. A refund will also mean an immediate cancellation of the recurring service, whether it is a recurring billing or for any non-recurring service.

7. I forgot my password, what can I do?

After you sign up on the Portal, we send you an email with your initial password. You can always change it on your account page, if not, you may still find the email in your inbox and use it to login. We advise to check your junk or spam folder as well. If not, you can also always use the button ‘Forgot my password’ to renew your password. You can find this button after you click Login and then ‘Forgot your password?’, fill in the email address you signed up with. Then we will send you an email with your new password.

8. How can I get the confirmation of my payment?

We will always send a confirmation with all the details you need to the email known to us.