About Us

Bonmedia Limited is an expert of lifestyle and entertainment. Indeed, with a team of professionals on these fields we can qualify the company as an expert due to its skills and use of digital technologies and services. The company is growing at the same time as the market, which is how we can learn and improve in the best way possible. On our portals you can enjoy the content thanks to:

  1. The easy accessibility of our services because everything has been optimized to be used on all the devices. Our websites and applications will automatically scale to the correct size of your screen no matter which support you want to use.
  2. A qualified team at your service, as we gathered skilled masters of each field to develop efficient platforms. Thanks to this team our services are now uploaded in different countries and in several languages. With their years of experience they acquired the knowledge, which makes us confirmed professionals.
  3. The premium quality, the company has a wide range of high quality services with content targeted around lifestyle, sport and entertainment. On a daily basis our expert team and professional trainers will look for new information and videos to upload on the portals.

Our main goal is for you to access to the information that you need and have a good moment. Which is why we select with good care the qualitative information we are providing you with field specialists. The people behind the pages you see are working every day to give you the tools to go beyond your limits and reach your goals!

Therefor, no matter what is your level or what is your goal you can enjoy all the step of the way with us!

Bonmedia Limited

Registered under 405311.

Tax identification CY10405311A.

Stasinou, 2 Flat/Office 203, 2014, Nicosia, Cyprus

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