Getting The Right Exercise Partner

Most people exercise to keep themselves fit rather than for the fun or a social element that others do it for. Heading to the gym may not always be the best start, although it is probably the easiest one. The gym is a place where we exercise in and on our own time, at our […]

How To Calm Down For A Good Sleep

There are a lot of tips and tricks that can be helpful for people having trouble sleeping. Whether it’s a pill, drink or even a specific technology, everyone out there claims to have the solution. And they may do, if only for them. But there are some universally accepted ‘hacks’ to help us all get […]

Don’t Do This Before Bed

A good night of sleep is something that is so imporant our wellbeing and yet we often neglect it by actions that limit our ability to switch off, often without knowing. So what can we do in the evenings to avoid restless nights? One of the biggest barrier is caffeine, and yes, this is a […]

Working Out With An Injury

For example, a treadmill can be set to operate at any speed depending on how relaxed or intensive we want the exercise to be. A cross trainer can be set to have low or high resistance. But perhaps the best forms of exercise are those that do not involve any specific equipment at all. If […]

Partner – Family Balance

We can never choose our family. Despite being blood binded, you don’t need to be afraid to admit that our relatives can sometimes drive us crazy, and equally common is when they clash with our ability to enjoy quality relationships with our spouse or partner. These clashes can and will happen; anyone who says otherwise […]

When To Take A Nap During The Day

You’ve probably heard that daytime napping is bad for your longer term sleeping pattern, but it actually has many benefits. If you look at Mediterranean countries, you will see that the day grinds to a halt after lunchtime to facilitate a siesta. Therefor, it’s important to recognise when we genuinely do need to relax and […]

How To Balance Your Career With Your Relationship

Nothing is wrong with being a person that chases a career, but it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the rat race and neglect relationships, and very often this mix of aspirations will end up with one side losing. But it doesn’t have to be like that. The first thing is coming to the […]

How Social affect your lifestyle

Nowadays interactions on social media play a larger part in friendships than ever before. Birthday cards are replaced by a Whatsapp or Instagram message. We can instantly organise a party in a Facebook messenger group, and we can call and chat to friends and family thousands of miles away. Distances are not relevant anymore. But […]